Devtrip Download Manager

This application is of all-in-one type. And have support for web download, FTP download and able to fetch Torrent content as well.

Our Download manager application able to process multiple long download queue or a single download. Along with the feature to save current downloaded state and process this again as per your next convenient time.

This application is available at various environment and operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.

For Windows –

Download the application from here.

For Mac –

Download the application from here.

For Linux

Download the application for Debian based Linux from here , and for RPM based Linux from here.

For Android –

Download the application from here.

Note – By downloading application from here you agreeing that you fulfill age criteria imposed by your state of law. And only use/ have law full activity with this app. And also agreed with our T&C available here .

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